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Information for Students — Undergraduate Courses

All degrees in the Faculty of Business and Economics include a compulsory Business Statistics component, in recognition of its integral role in a business career. Students wishing to undertake further studies in Econometrics or Business Statistics beyond this level have a range of options at the Clayton, Caulfield, and outer campuses.


On the Clayton campus a full major in Econometrics and Business Statistics is available, with a wide range of units available at second and third year level. This major can be undertaken in both the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Economics degrees, and represents by far the largest program in Business Statistics and Econometrics in Australia. For more information see


On the Caulfield campus, a wide range of applied econometric offerings are available. These include a full major in Applied Econometrics, a minor sequence in Applied Econometrics or a customised selection of applied econometric units that will complement your field of study.

Graduates in high demand by many employers are those who are not only able to analyse and meaningfully interpret data, but also assist managers, investors and other market participants in decision-making. For more information see

Berwick, Peninsula, Gippsland

On the Berwick, Peninsula and Gippsland campuses, students wishing to undertake further studies in Business Statistics can take one or more electives in this discipline in most Bachelor of Business degrees offered.

Further details of course structure and the units on offer can be found by following the links in the Courses - Faculty of Business and Economics page of the Undergraduate Handbook.