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Professor Chongwoo Choe


Organisation: Department of Economics
Title: Professor
Qualifications: BA, Seoul National University, MA Economics, State University of NY, PhD Economics, Universityof Minnesota

Chongwoo's research interests are in applied contract theory, economics of organisation, financial economics, and political economy. He has also consulted in the areas of telecommunications, public policy and finance for private and public organizations both in Australia and abroad.  Prior to joining Monash in 2007, he worked at the Australian Graduate School of Management and La Trobe University. He has also held visiting positions in the US, Portugal, and Japan.

Office: Caulfield Campus
Room H4.54, Building H
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield Vic 3145
Telephone: +61 3 9903 4520
Fax: +61 3 9903 1128

Teaching Commitments:


ECF5200 - Game Theory and Business Strategy

Research Interests: Contract theory and applications, economics of organisation, corporate finance and governance, political economy.


Selected Publications: Choe, C., & Ishiguro, S. (forthcoming). On the optimality of multi-tier hierarchies: Coordination versus incentives. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization.

Islam, A., & Choe, C. (forthcoming). Child labour and schooling responses to access to microcredit in rural Bangladesh. Economic Inquiry.

Choe, C., & Park, I.-U. (2011). Information, authority, and corporate hierarchies. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 11(1) (Contributions), Article 2, 1-37.

Choi, J-S., Kwak, Y-M., & Choe, C. (2010). Corporate social responsibility and corporate financial performance: Evidence from Korea. Australian Journal of Management, 35(3), 291-311

Choe, C., & Shekhar, C. (2010). Compulsory or voluntary pre-merger notification? Theory and some evidence. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 28(1), 10-20.

Choe, C., & Hyde, C. (2007). Multinational transfer pricing, tax arbitrage and the arm's length principle. Economic Record, 83(263), 398-404.

Choe, C. (2006). Optimal CEO compensation: Some equivalence results. Journal of Labor Economics, 24(1), 171-201.

Hyde, C., & Choe, C. (2005). Keeping two sets of books: The relationship between tax & incentive transfer prices. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 14(1), 165-186.

Chisholm, J., & Choe, C. (2005). Income variables and the measures of gains from crime. Oxford Economic Papers, 57(1), 112-119.


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