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Dr. Yi Jin

Organisation: Department of Economics
Title: Senior Lecturer

PhD Economics, University of Iowa; M.A. Economics, People's University of China; BA Economics, People's University of China.




Yi joined the department in 2009 after seven years in the University of Kansas. Yi has an established track record of publications in such journals as Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of International Economics, Annals of Finance, Economics Letters, and Journal of Housing Economics



Caulfield Campus
Room 4.44, Building H
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield VIC 3145

Telephone:  +61 3 990 32042

 +61 3 9903 1128



Teaching Commitments:

ECF 1200 - Macroeconomics

Research Interests:



Selected Publications:

Jin, Y., & Asiedu, E., & Nandwa, B. (2009). Does aid mitigate the adverse effect of expropriation risk on foreign direct investment? Journal of International Economics, 78(2), 268-275.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2009). Money, credit and business cycle co-movement. Pacific Economic Review, 14(2), 275-293.

Jin, Y. (2009). A note on inflation, economic growth and income inequality. macroeconomic dynamics 13(1), 2009, 138-147.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2007). Real estate and optimal public policy in a credit-constrained economy. Journal of Housing Economics, 16(2), 143-166.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2007). International growth equalization along non-balanced constant growth paths. Economics Letters, 96(2), 245-252.

Jin, Y., & Asiedu, E., & Villami, A. (2006). Do lack of transparency and enforcement undermine international risk-sharing? Annals of Finance, 2(2), 123-140.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2006). Distribution services and economic growth. Economics Bulletin, 15(10).

Jin, Y., & Temzelides, T.. (2004). On the local interaction of credit and money. Review of Economic Dynamics, 7(1), 143-156.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2004). Residential investment and house prices in a multi-sector monetary business cycle model. Journal of Housing Economics, 13(4), 268-286.

Jin, Y., & Zeng, Z. (2002) The working capital channel and cross-sector co-movement. Journal of Economics, 28(1), 51-65.