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10th International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation & Knowledge Management

15 - 18 February 2011

Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Aligning Innovation in Developed and Emerging Economies


The 10th International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation & Knowledge Management (QIK) will be held in Malaysia in February 2011. The QIK conference brings together leading scholars, researchers, teachers and practitioners examining the impact of Quality Management, Innovation Management and Knowledge Management in today’s business organizations.

The conference will explore the theme of Aligning Innovation in Developed and Emerging Economies. Quality management systems are well established in business organizations today. Firms have been developing these systems for many decades and quality practice is a well established professional discipline. The management of innovation is, however, not so well established. Governments are paying attention to the development of national systems of innovation, at the same time as business is just developing innovation practice within firms. How then is innovation practice faring in these difficult times? Are business organizations paying more attention to the strategy and practice of innovation, or are they instead, focussing upon the essentials of quality?

The conference will examine the continuing importance of quality management, whilst paying attention to the significance of innovation management and knowledge management for business growth and development. The QIK conference is cross disciplinary and the organizers are interested in case studies of practice, theoretical papers, empirical studies and other papers addressing the following issues:

Developments in Quality Management Innovation and Economic Performance
Quality and Performance Knowledge Management and Innovation
Product Innovation - Strategy and Practice Knowledge and Intellectual Property
New Technology, Technological Change and Innovation Human Resources, Innovation and Knowledge
Business Process Innovation Teaching Practice - Quality, Innovation and Knowledge
National Innovation Systems  

The conference organisers welcome papers from a range of academic disciplines (e.g. Quality Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Human Resources Management, Services Management), and encourage a diversity in methodological approaches from theoretic, to empirical and qualitative/comparative contributions. The conference in particular welcomes contributions from practitioners and includes both a fully refereed paper stream and a stream for papers accepted on the basis of abstract alone.

Monash University, Business and Economics
Manchester Metropolitan University
Deakin University

Swinburne University

Charles Darwin University


Malaysia Australia Business School

Universiti Putra Malaysia