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Higher Degrees By Research Programs

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programs across seven Departments, one Centre and at the Business School of Monash University Malaysia.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
A PhD at Monash University enables students to complete independent research under the supervision of an expert academic/s. The research will culminate in a written thesis which offers a significant contribution to knowledge in the discipline concerned. Our PhD disciplines have a coursework and training component designed to assist students during the early stages of their research.  These discipline-specific programs are designed to impart skills and knowledge that will assist candidates to conduct their research. Each candidate will be assigned to the program most relevant to their research focus from the following:
General information and an outline of all the core coursework and/or optional training activities required for the above programs are outlined in a PhD Program Plan. To learn more about each of the above programs, visit the Monash Institute of Graduate Research's PhD Program Plan page.
Refer to the Monash Handbook for more information about the PhD course entry for students commencing their studies in 2014.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

An MPhil degree enables students to complete independent research under the supervision of an expert academic. While it is not necessary that an MPhil thesis would make a major contribution to knowledge in the discipline area concerned (as a PhD would require), an MPhil thesis will be expected to make a contribution to an existing body of knowledge by applying, clarifying, critiquing or interpreting that knowledge. The MPhil can be undertaken either as 100% research program or through a combination of research and coursework.

Refer to the Master of Philosophy for more information about the MPhil degree. More information about eligiblity and application for scholarship and Candidature can be found at How to Apply.

Pathways to a Research Degree

The following Business and Economics courses can serve as pathways to research degrees.
(For information on scholarships and bursaries for coursework programs, please refer to:
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce (Malaysian campus)
The following postgraduate coursework programs are potential research degree pathways. To facilitate this, students must construct their course to include certain units (subjects) and attain specific grades in these units, as well as undertaking a significant research component. For information on how the following courses may become pathway to research degree, please refer to:

Course Code
Master of Accounting
Master of Advanced Marketing
Master of Applied Econometrics
Master of Diplomacy and Trade
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of International Business
Master of Management
Master of Marketing
Master of Public Policy and Management

For further information, please contact us at the Faculty Research Office. 

Maria Elizabeth Styrdom Maria Elizabeth Strydom
"Whilst I enjoyed working as a financial accountant in the industry, I am always intrigued by the idea of pursuing a research degree in corporate governance."
Heinrich R. Bohlmann Heinrich R. Bohlmann
"At Monash, I have learned to become a good economist."
Prachi Sinha Prachi Sinha
"I was actively serving as a Commissioner of Income Tax for the Government of India but decided to do research to further develop my knowledge particularly on the Australian Tax system. "
Kathryn Lefroy Kathryn Lefroy
"The course bridges the gap between science and engineering related disciplines and essential business knowledge. Employees view this niche set of skills very highly."
Sarah Carrington Sarah Carrington
"Doing PhD research in Economics has enabled me to really develop my analytical skills to a much higher level than ever before – which is really good for both my personal intellectual development as well as my career. "