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The Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University is a world leader in research and provider of quality education. Our academic staff are constantly pushing the boundaries of research and addressing the pressing questions that face communities around the world.

As a research student within our Faculty, you can expect to receive guidance from our team of expert academic staff in an environment that is both supportive and stimulating. You will develop knowledge and skills to extend you both personally and academically, and you will become a part of an influential group of scholars. 

Research degree programs

As a research degrees student in the Faculty of Business and Economics, you will work under the guidance of expert academics in the field and gain specialist knowledge in your discipline.

You will also complete a thesis through independent research and investigation, which will ultimately contribute to the overall body of work within the Faculty, as well as increase knowledge within the wider community.

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers two higher degrees by research programs:

  1.  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  2.  Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The PhD and MPhil programs are offered across seven Departments and at the Business School of Monash University Malaysia. We also offer several pathways to research degrees, as well as courses that can potentially lead to either a PhD or MPhil. 

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