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Professor Therese (Terri) Joiner

Head of School, Business and Economics Gippsland

Telephone: +61 3 9902 6486
Facsimile: +61 3 9902 6524

Terri completed a Bachelor of Economics at La Trobe University, graduating with first class honours and the University medal.  She went on to complete her doctoral thesis in International Management also at La Trobe University. Prior to taking up her current position as Head, School of Business and Economics at Monash University Gippsland, Terri held a number of senior positions at La Trobe University, including Head, Department of Management and Marketing, La Trobe University, and inaugural Head, School of Management, La Trobe University for the three years, 2009 - 2011. Throughout her career, she has received invitations to consult to industry (e.g., VicRoads, Cendant Mobility, Omani Ministry of Higher Education and the Victorian Government). 

Terri has over 20 years teaching experience in the areas of international management, organization theory, organization behaviour and management accounting at undergraduate and post-graduate levels both in Australia and abroad. She has published widely and presented papers at international conferences and specializes in the fields of international management, management education (most recently around student retention) and management control system design. Emerging from her interest in international management, one of Terri's current research projects focuses on the link between ethnic (diaspora) communities' cultural and kinship ties with their homeland and transnational economic activity. Terri has also has substantial experience in HDR supervision having successfully supervised over 30 honours and PhD students.

Academic Qualifications

  • BEc (Hons), La Trobe University
  • PhD, La Trobe University

Research Interests

Management education (currently, student retention in HE), cross-cultural management (including diaspora communities and transnational linkages), and management control system design 


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2010-2012 Australian diasporas and brain gain: exploring current and potential transnational linkages Australian Research Council Grant
(Project ID:LP0883920)
(3-year budget)
Loretta Baldassar,
Danny Ben-Moshe,
Graeme Hugo,
Terri Joiner
2009 Taking Charge at Work: an analysis of individual-level factors and organizational context in understanding extra-role work behaviours' Faculty Law and Management,
La Trobe University Major Competitive Research Grant
$23,000 Terri Joiner,
Tim Bartram,
Jerome Choy,
Lynne Leveson
2009 Promoting Deep Learning: The Role of Engagement and Active Involvement Faculty Law and Management,
La Trobe University Major Competitive Research Grant
$20,645 Lynne Leveson,
Terri Joiner,
David Spencer, Nicola McNeil,
Cindy Taylor
2006 How Task Interdependence affects Communication Channel Preferences for Management Accounting Information: Implications for Managerial Performance William P. Birkett Research Grant,
CPA Australia
$7,552 Terri Joiner and Suzanne Salmon

Awards and Distinctions

  • David Myers University Medal (La Trobe University)

HDR Supervisions

Current students:
  • Sarah Yang, "How task uncertainty effects organisational learning and management control system design: Implications for organisational and managerial performance" 
  • Nerina Di Lorenzo, "Workforce planning in local government: Understanding the future labour profile and developing strategies to respond"